Swingers Cited for Swindling Vegans


What makes vegan blogger Quarry Girl thirst for blood? Omnivorous restaurants that trick vegankind into eating things that are not actually free of animal products. Her latest find is at Swinger's, which we've tried to suggest in the past is a regrettable choice in of itself. Acting on a tip, Quarry pulls a little bit of a Cagney and Lacey to learn that the restaurant's soy cheese is still milk-based and that the restaurant uses lard in their tortillas ("do you know what that shit is?...full on non-vegetarian PIG FAT," she writes) which eventually find their way into foodstuffs like the soyrizo scramble and tofu chilaquiles, marked as vegan options on the menu. Her ultimate conclusion? "I wouldn’t trust ANYTHING at swingers." Sure, we're mostly gross meat-eaters whose forks you'd be afraid to share a room with, Quarry, but we tried to tell you, we really did. [Quarry Girl]