Drunks Arrested After Groping Copa D'Oro Customers


Following that armed robbery outside of Veggie Grill and a recent tasing of some bro at the Arby's on Lincoln, the Santa Monica restaurant crime spree continues! In the last week of April, police in Santa Monica arrested two men who were spurned from popular mixology hub Copa D'Oro after one of the sleaze-buckets started harassing female customers. According to SM Daily Mirror, a 25-year-old male who inappropriately grabbed at least one patron was booked with a bail of $20,000, while his slightly older accomplice who kept his hands to himself got off a lot lighter. While we wish for everyones' safety out there, we have to offer just one note to the Santa Monica Daily Mirror: The place is called Copa D'Oro, not "Cope D'Oro." Although going forward, we'll be inclined to accept "Gropa D'Oro." [SMDM]