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Food Blogger Bakesale at BLD Tomorrow

Food Blogger Bakesale at BLD Tomorrow

Gaby Dalkin's Food Blogger Bakesale returns this Saturday in support of Share Our Strength. In L.A., Gaby herself will host the event at BLD from 11:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M., presiding over 40 food bloggers and their baked sweets and edible oddities. The L.A. Times has promised to bring crack pie, Spago's Sherry Yard will provide some sweet miracle that are most likely not shaped like Yoda, and personalities including Matt Armendariz and Cooking Channel's Aida Mollenkamp will be close by with treats of their own. Check out the full list of participating bloggers/bakers. [What's Gaby Cooking?]


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