$5 Fried Pig Tail, Pig Ear Fries, and Salmon Head at Night/Market


The offal-inclined have a few new reasons to be happy as Talesai's Night/Market introduces a happy hour running two hours every day and all night on Wednesdays. Called "behind the curtain," the happy hour begins at 6:00 P.M. and offers such unusual street food faves as fried pig tail, nouc mam chicken wings, condensed milk pork skewers, and salmon head, as well as something called pig ear fries. If you're curious to try, but maybe a little uncertain, the dishes only run $5 each, with Mekong Old-Fashioneds and Chieng Mai Marys washing them all down at six bucks a glass. See the full menu below.



(Wednesday til closing)

FOOD $5 each

fried pig tail

salmon head

nuoc mam chicken wings

condensed milk pork skewers

sai krok isaan | isaan sour sausage

sai uah | chiengrai herb sausage

som tum | papaya salad

pig ear fries


chang thai beer (12 oz/ 22 oz/ tower) 3 / 6 / 20

mekong old-fashioned 6
thai sugar cane rum / herbal whiskey

chieng mai mary 6
prepared with mortar-pounded thai salsa

lychee martini 6

carafe of red / white 11