John Sedlar Starts Tweeting; Hunts Maguey Worms in Mexico

On the Hunt: Mark Miller, Patricia Quintana, and John Rivera Sedlar

We can usually count on John Rivera Sedlar to be on the cutting edge of culture. But the chef emails us to let us know he's more or less just joined the inescapable hollow called Twitter. Sedlar started tweeting late last month, and ever the visual artist, he has photos to back up just about every tweet. But it's really his adventures of the last week that has us engaged.

Calling his current tour "The Maguey Chronicles," Sedlar is documenting a trip to Mexico, along with fellow Sante Fe-booster chef Mark Miller and Taste of Mexico author Patricia Quintana.

The group is plunging into the heart of Maguey Country to go hunting for the sweet spreading plant. Along the way, Sedlar shows an Ahab-like obsession with the maguey worm, eats them with a punitive salsa habanero , inspects a tortilladora that resembles an ancient letterpress, and while in hot pursuit of the worm, settles for a few giant ants. Let's hope this trip is just getting started!

Follow Sedlar and crew's Mexican enterprise over on Twitter.