First Look: Father's Office Starts Serving Dessert Tonight

Oatmeal Raisin Sandwich with Hazelnut-Foie Gras Ice Cream

After so many years of feeding us with its famous burgers, garlic fries, and craft beer, Sang Yoon has finally decided to top Father's Office's menu off with a few desserts. If you read The Wall Street Journal, then you know the chef takes his sweet stuff very seriously and the new treats, designed by Lukshon's John Park, embody both the chef's boundary-pushing intensity and his passion for great beer. So far, the pub is offering three desserts, priced between $3 to $5, including a rich hazelnut-foie gras ice cream in between two oatmeal raisin cookies and a peanut-topped chocolate cupcake with creamy beer frosting. Two ice cream sandwiches will even come served in brown paper bags, a little like Night Train, and all three desserts are meant to be held in one's hand. The desserts will be found at Father's Office 2.0 in Culver City starting today and will be joined by specifically paired ice cream and beer floats in the days to come. Come take a look at the first Father's Office desserts in our look below.

FO Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake with Beer FrostingTatiana Arbogast

Our favorite that we tried, this dark chocolate cupcake was refreshingly not very sweet. The beer makes the frosting taste just a little bit bitter, with a very light and creamy body at the same time. And at the end, you're left with a light, nice peanut aftertaste. Very good!

FO Shortbread

Lemon Shortbread with Blackberry-Cassis Sorbet and Buttermilk Ice CreamTatiana Arbogast

The overall effect of the sorbet and ice cream's union is more tart than sweet, while the sweet shortbread perfectly balances both the sorbet and buttermilk ice cream and also adds some crunch. A great balanced dessert for those who are not attracted to too much sweetness.

FO Oatmeal Cookie

Oatmeal Raisin Sandwich with Hazelnut-Foie Gras Ice CreamTatiana Arbogast

The hazelnut stands out strongly while the foie gras makes it deliriously rich. The oatmeal raisin adds texture, making it almost taste like fresh granola with the sinful addition of ice cream.