Meet The McBaguette; Even Tourists Get Fat in the U.S.

McDonald's France has introduced the McBaguette, a crusty mini bread loaf with artisanal preserves. Le yum. [Gawker]

A study found that tourists who visit the U.S. gain more weight than those who travel elsewhere, packing on an average of eight pounds in two weeks. [Daily Mail UK via Food 52]

September's "The Taste" just released its schedule of panels and lectures, which will include a Q with Ludo and Krissy Lefebvre and get this, an "oeno-rap" seminar called "Bling or Bargain." [Business Wire]

There are very few things worth going to prison for. We'd say a parking spot at Chuck E. Cheese is not one of them. [Daily Breeze]

Chef McDang, a famous Thai toque (and member of The Royal Family) is in town to teach a cooking class tonight. [

For gluttonous types who won't give up big portion sizes, manufacturers have started making more "ultra-low-calorie foods," like 150-calories-per-pint ice cream. [Chronicle Herald CA]

Starbucks don't stop: The coffee giant's third-quarter profits rose 34 percent. [USAT]