Charges Filed Against Hyde, Industry, and Voyeur for Liquor License Violations

To your avergae Hollywood nightlife goer, a handful of olives just might cut it as a full meal

Those cracker-jack detectives at NBC have caused quite a kerfuffle for L.A.'s most popular nightclubs following an on-camera sting operation that found many of them were not operating consistently with their liquor licenses. After sending producers into Hyde, Industry, and Voyeur (under the cover of shiny shirts, axe body spray, and hair gel, we assume), the crew found out just how difficult it was to get served food at the venues, despite the fact that the clubs are licensed to serve booze as restaurants. The expose preceded the temporary closings of SBE's Hyde and Industry, and today the channel reports that charges have been filed against all three by the State's liquor authorities. Of course, this being Hollywood nightlife, a lack of menus wasn't the only dirt the camera crew uncovered during their night on the town. [NBC]