Jonathan Gold Channels Allen Ginsberg at Next Door by Josie

Next Door by Josie

Today the town's lyrical master of food criticism, Jonathan Gold, takes inspiration from another Pulitzer Prize winner as he enjoys a first bite out of Next Door by Josie. Nodding to Allen Ginsberg's seminal Howl, Gold starts, "I saw the best chefs of my generation employed by gastropubs; Racer 5, wild game chili, dry-rubbed riblets with their calico slaw dragging themselves through the steel seats at dawn..." The story goes on with a free-roaming list of some seriously mouth-watering assets Josie LeBalch is cooking up at her new place, including Burger's jowl bacon with penne and cream, harissa-rubbed watermelon salad, and homemade Frito's. The critic surely sounds smitten by LeBalch's awesome new option for dinner and your next naked lunch. [LAW]