LudoBites 7.0 Bids Adieu, Teases of Teaming Up with Animal

LudoBites 7.0: Lavender Tropezienne tart w/ aloe vera cream and peaches

In an email message to the pop-up king's followers, LudoBites 7.0 formally bids L.A. "adieu," leaving behind only the memories of foie gras crudo, tandoori octopus, compressed pig's head, and kinky plastic gloves. Ludo hints that a LudoBites 8.0 is to be expected "soon," while detailing his current concentration on the LudoBites cookbook, which will be followed by a little much-needed R&R.; But the most exciting tease this tres sexy French chef offers is a biggie, as he warns, "Be on the lookout for LudoBites & Animal--teaming up together for a big duck event!" No further details are so far offered, but Animal and LudoBites, together in love? That's just about the only scenario we could concoct to make L.A. any more rabid for these three chefs. Stay tuned for more details.