Gonpachi, There's a Spider Web in Our Soup!

Spider web pumpkin soup with pancetta Photo: Gonpachi

Japanese horror is big around here, as we generally fear pale children and dark hospitals. Starting Monday, Gonpachi will add haunted elements to a selection of its Japanese dishes for a menu called "The Last Feast." The La Cienega restaurant plans to dress up for the occasion and will kick off the $45 four-course pre-fixe with this cute spider web pumpkin soup and end with an RIP chocolate mousse with blood orange sorbet. See the full menu below and make reservations at 310-659-8887 (and hey, while we've got you on the phone, make sure you've "checked the children!").

October 24th-31st

The Last Feast Menu

Spider Web Pumpkin Soup with Pancetta

Duck Breast with Bloody Berry Sauce served with Forest Mushrooms & Soba Gnocchi
Roasted Kobe Beef with Spicy Devil's Sauce served with Pumpkin Gratin & Broccoli

Halloween Party Chirashi Sushi
Diced Fish & Vegetable Topped on Sushi Rice

The End R.I.P Chocolate Mousse with Blood Orange Sorbet


Halloween Party ChirashiGonpachi