Bagatelle Barging Onto La Cienega, Have An Early Look Inside


New York's wealthy Euro-collector, Bagatelle, is almost ready for its West Coast debut, though a few slight delays have caused this week's projected opening date to be pushed back, most likely to an opening next week, a manager explains. As we reported last month, the flashy import looks like it's attempting to ditch its "boozy brunch" stereotype in L.A., placing chef Scott Quinn, a Bouchon Vegas vet, into the kitchen, even if midday drinking is the restaurant's claim to fame. Come take a look at the developing space.


BagatelleTatiana Arbogast

We took an early peak inside yesterday to find chandeliers being hung over the couches with care, not a douchebag was stirring to techno or house. Check out our shots of the forthcoming spot, which forms a Euro-heavy triumvirate with neighbor Fig & Olive and the Bagatelle-biting Rose. And if you're looking for a job, see the restaurant's hiring notice on Facebook. An immunity to too much cologne is not specified.

Bistrot Bagatelle, 755 North La Cienega West Hollywood.


Inside BagatelleTatiana Arbogast

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