Daphne's Greek Relaunches, Now With More Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater: Another Floridian on the L.A. restaurant scene

Troubled chain Daphne's Greek Cafe was recently bought out of bankruptcy by a new owner, with former Burger King moneyman Bill Trefethen now strapped to its CEO seat. The brand is currently undergoing a total top-to-bottom revamp, with a bunch of extreme sports types intent on turning it into a California "lifestyle brand," a term we imagine is thrown around a lot by the board at Wahoo's Tacos, too. The exciting news is that Kelly Slater, long the rippingest surfer on the planet, is going to be the brand's ambassador, as Daphne's Greek Cafe turns into Daphne's California Greek. What can you, uh, dudes and dude-ettes expect here?

Intended as a hub of fast, casual, and pronouncedly healthy Mediterranean food, with simple plates of grilled fish and meats, salads, flatbreads, and hummus, using olive oil and eschewing sat. fats, the new Daphne's will offer a majority of its dishes at 700 calories or less.

The shops will also have graffiti and skateboard art, bamboo tables, a vibrant color scheme, and live concerts by a chosen "band of the month," as well as a heavy presence at sports events and competitions. Already, eight of Daphne's 57 stores are sporting the new look, which we have to say makes the chain already sound cooler than it's ever been, as forced as it all sounds.