Where to Score Free Wieners at Wurstkuche Venice

In 'Kuche's case

We recently sat down to a late-lunch at Wurstkuche Venice, only to be met with a kielbasa that had severe third-degree burns on both ends; a wiener made several shades blacker than our Rasputin stout. After gagging on the burnt flesh and voicing concern about this unexpected shot of schwarz, a manager emerged from the kitchen to tell us (yes, even the Polish us) that kielbasa is supposed to be prepared like that.

Riiiiiight. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, we gave up the fight to concentrate on our ale. But today, it could be win-some time, as Eater points out a deal on Scoutmob offering one free bratwurst or hot Italian sausage at the German sequel. The site may not be on the Deutchsmark when it claims Wurstkuche is all about the details, but hey, free wieners! With more than 2,000 people already seizing the deal, the Venice street holding down Wurstkuche is soon to look a lot more like it did during its opening week. [ScoutMob via Eater]