Watch The Staff at Burger Kitchen Start Beefing on Kitchen Nightmares Tonight

One pissed-off Seth Rogan doppelganger coming right up!

Last summer, we learned that West Hollywood's Burger Kitchen, which opened to mixed reviews and a small twist of the truth that caught Pat LaFrieda's attention, was being re-hauled by Gordon Ramsay into the restaurant it is today. Tonight, the episode finally airs at 8:00 P.M. on Fox. Or at least the first part of two chapters, making us believe it has to be an explosive episode to necessitate a double dose of Gordo. Even more shocking than Ramsay's suggestion of an "Asian Persuasion" burger is this clip from Deadbolt News that shows a hipster manager-type seriously losing his shit while the chef threatens to knock him out. Check out the video below to whet your appetite for some in-house drama.

Kitchen Nightmares Preview: Burger Beatdown [The Deadbolt News]