La Casita Mexicana Spies Lies in Attempted Litigation

Our Heroes: Del Campo, left, with partner Ramiro Arvizu, of La Casita Mexicana

Score one for the good guys! KABC reports that Bell's La Casita Mexicana foiled a possibly shady disabled dude that likes to go around suing restaurants (so far, he's filed 600 claims) with allegations that they are not properly equipped for disabled people, charges that often bring whopping fines that can shut a small business down. What happened?

Ligation-lover Alfredo Garcia tried to squeeze La Casita Mexicana for $12,000 by claiming the bathroom mirror was placed too high. Casita co-owner and co-chef Jaime Martin Del Campo says, "We knew right away it was a scam." After viewing security footage that showed no wheelchair-bound diners ever entered the restrooms on the dates in question and confirming they had a full-length mirror in place, the owners realized Garcia had never even been to the place (oh, the mendacity!).

Casita Mex struck back at the man's pockets, suing their would-be suer. Garcia was in a Huntington Park court on Monday explaining why he hasn't paid the $5,000 yet, despite the $166,000 he's collected through various settlements. Sounds like Casita exacted some sweet justice, clearly in an effort to protect and serve our favorite chiles en nogada.

Undocumented, disabled serial plaintiff sues SoCal businesses on taxpayer dime [KABC]