Boycott Brewing Around Lassen's Prop. 8 Donations

Anti-Prop. 8 graffiti in San Francisco

In Northeast Los Angeles, Loz Feliz's beloved organic food store Nature Mart lost its lease last month and was quickly snatched up by Lassen's, a small, ten-chain natural foods retailer based in Camarillo, with roots going back to the seventies. Last week, in a post named "OMG! Mormon Homophobes Just Took Over My Healthfood Store!," local blogger Down With Tyranny! discovered that this nuts and berries supplier pulled a major Chick-Fil-A, donating over $27,000 to support Proposition 8 from just one location alone. Now, locals are calling out the Mormon clan who owns Lassen's for their hate-based donations and a boycott is beginning to brew.

In a statement, a niece of the Lassen family, who runs the Camarillo store and personally donated money to support the anti-gay union measure, says, "We have a lot a gay and lesbian customers. We have nothing against them. To us, it is a moral issue, not a civil issue...," making us just about retch in our Cascadian Farms' Organic Cinnamon Crunch.

Now Eagle Rock Patch announces that a boycott is brewing against the chain, with 490 signatures already collected on a petition condemning Lassen's fight against civil rights and calling for customers to shun the store.

With a location newly opened in Fresno, the boycott could very well spread from L.A. and up the state, as neighbors opt to shut out a growing business that turns their grocery budgets into fuel for hate.

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