Ludo Lefebvre Considers Downtown Brick-And-Mortar

LudoBites' compressed pig's head

Los Angeles Downtown News reports that Ludo Lefebvre, the fine-dining French chef who broke his chains to become a pop-up phenomenon with his nomadic restaurant, LudoBites, is looking for a brick-and-mortar location in Downtown's Arts District. The news, reportedly confirmed by Krissy Lefebvre, is a logical next step for the in-demand chef, who can't fit a fraction of the audience looking to try his sense-tweaking recipes into his short pop-up stints. Krissy, the chef's better half and business partner, puts no specific deadline or projected opening date on the project, and also admits to being open to locations outside of Downtown as well. So, what might a LudoBites restaurant look like?

By now we know Ludo cherishes his freedom above all else. Chances are a LudoBites restaurant, if 100% in the chef's control, would turn on his whims, with the classically trained chef sticking to his forceful meldings of genre, influence, and technique on liquid menus that change with the toque's inspirations and mood. Or maybe it will be a fried chicken joint, who knows?

We imagine the demand will be something akin to Michael Voltaggios' .ink. Even if the rarity or treasured timing of a pop-up is no longer as asset, Ludo's three years of popping up have created enough demand and curiosity in those unable to snag a reservation to keep tables filled for a long time. With the chef's unbound imagination between four walls, there will be enough recipes to keep die-hard fans coming back again and again, too.

Expect to hear A LOT more about this one! Especially once the foie gras police show up.

Ludo Looking Downtown [LADN]

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