Marcel Vigneron Catering Caviar Dinner for "The One Percent"


In the midst of unprecedented urban revolt, class upheaval, and intense anger over growing income gaps, an organization called The Beverly Hills Caviar Tasting Club is holding a $500-$1500 dinner at a private Bel-Air home, obnoxiously labeling it "An event for the one percent...with room for the other 99." Fortunately, they ease the ire by turning this black tie dinner into a benefit for the Harold Robinson Foundation, but you know, still. Marcel Vigneron is signed on as the chef of the evening, with some upscale exotics planned for the elite fete.

Marcel, who a press release notes is "considered one of the country's top chefs," and not, "considered one of the country's Top Chefs," as it should probably be written, will cater the affair, preparing a three-course dinner with smoked alligator, a giant Alaskan smoked salmon, and a preparation of sturgeon. One presumes F-loads of Beluga better be served too, for the sticker price, alongside the included bubbly and strains from the Malibu String Quartet. More details, a pretty-if-stiff spokesmodel, and reservations available online.