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An Early Peek at Marcona's Sandwiches

The Hangar steak hero

The Hangar steak heroPhoto: Marcona

Marcona owner Collier Ulrich (who goes by the Twitter handle @Collywood) says the new Melrose sandwich shop is "inching towards the finish line," awaiting health inspections this week. Currently, the owner, with crossed-fingers, predicts an opening between November 15th and 20th, though that could all be wishful thinking at the mercy of the inspectors now (UPDATE: Owners now predict an opening on December 1st). But we do have some early first shots of their Eastern U.S. and Spanish-influenced servings, giving us a little more of a clue of what's going to be served here, even if it varies noticeably from the online sample menu.


Vegan Wheatberry SaladMarcona

So far, one sees sandwiches bursting with fresh veggies, even in meaty arrangements like the hangar steak hero you see above and certainly in the vegan wheat-berry salad you see beyond the jump. Look below to see a few more of Marcona's dishes and track the shop on Facebook to stay abreast of its next move.


Burlington Red Onion burger with roast mushroom, Granny Smith apple, paprika aioli, and Vermont cheddarMarcona


Spiced Salmon SandwichMarcona


Cheesecake with plum cherry sauce and a side of whipped creamMarcona


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