Short Order Opens Tonight, Queue Up For Burgers Now

The night before opening night

Speaking of burgers, the highly anticipated Short Order makes its official debut tonight at 5 p.m., and we have just one bit of advice: Be prepared to fight the crowds. The Nancy Silverton-Amy Pressman-Bill Chait meat mecca hosted friends and family at the Farmers Market last night, everyone eating late into the night (or morning--burgers were still flying out of the kitchen well after midnight), sipping Julian Cox-created cocktails, hugging Silverton and Chait, who were rightfully emotional. Getting the project off of the ground after their beloved friend and partner, Pressman, who died from cancer only a few weeks ago, was no easy feat, but it's finally here. A taste of the opening party, next.

A tear-streaked Silverton held court throughout the bittersweet night, surrounded by her Mozza crew, chefs and friends. It was a Test Kitchen who's who among the crowd: Picca's Ricardo Zarate and Stephane Bombet, Sotto's Steve Samson and Zach Pollack, Le Comptoir's Gary Menes, and Top Chef's Alex Reznik and Marcel Vigneron made their way around the party. Canele's Corina Weibel, Salt's Cure's Chris Phelps, and Mezze's Micah Wexler were spotted grabbing a bite and a sip. The fact that all of the proceeds from the night went to Amy’s Baker’s Dozen Scholarship Fund, in honor of Pressman, made it all the more touching.

The prime location--on the outside corner of the market, facing the Third and Fairfax intersection--has a walk-up window for to-go orders, communal tables along the bottom for dining in, and a fantastic bar on the upper deck. And, no, those aren't mimes mulling about; they're your servers. The burgers (we tried Nancy's Backyard Burger with bacon and a spicy mayo, but we hear the turkey burger is a must), and those "spuds" are insanely good. Watch out: the sour cream-chive-bacon dip for the potatoes is pure evil genius (thanks, exec chef Christian Page). Grab a beer, glass of wine, a custard milkshake, or a whiskey cocktail (!) to wash it all down.

We hate to gush so soon, but if this is what they're delivering before the doors even open, we're all doomed. And whoever chooses Johnny Rockets around the corner over this menu deserves what they get. A sampling, below:


Short Order BurgerLesley Balla


Those SpudsLesley Balla


The Condiment Wedge Salad: Everything you'd put on a burger, in salad formLesley Balla