Piper Goldstein Opens Atwater Village Farm

Atwater Village Farm

The Wire's Andre Royo may be "the Tupac of Twizzlers," but Piper Goldstein's the one with "Woodland Hills" tatted across her stomach. Squid Ink reports that this urban farmer, who sometimes does her hoeing in a gold lame dress, recently opened Atwater Village Farm, a storefront offering fresh-from-the-farm goodness in the Northeast neighborhood.

Goldstein was inspired to take up the farmers lifestyle by a story in New York Magazine and even manages to make macrobiotics look cool, learning about the lifestyle from none other than Beastie Boy Mike D. In addition to products from our independent state farms, her new store, which was funded in part by using KickStarter, also offers handmade products by local food craftspeople. Now open at 3225 Glendale Blvd.. [Squid Ink]