Beachwood BBQ Pairing Sierra Nevada Specials with Trail Mix, Cheese Whiz, and Buffalo Loin

A deeply scented, insousiciant blend infusing flirtatious notes of fruit leather with a brooding aroma of GORP

Beachwood BBQ and Brewing, the craft beer Arcadia that first broke ground in Seal Beach, is hosting a unique beer-pairing dinner with Sierra Nevada at its newer Downtown Long Beach location next Wednesday, December 14th. The dinner intends to spread the word on Sierra's Beer Camp program, which allows guests to be play a Chico brewer for a day. So, what's hitting the restaurant's camping-influenced menu next week?

Beachwood chef and owner Gabriel Gordon plans a five-course menu on Wednesday that begins with a trail mix of fruit leathers and nut brittles paired with Sierra's Golden eState, and goes on to include outdoorsy dishes like dumplings with wild, foraged chanterelles and buffalo loin, paired with a special selection of the OG brewery's output, including its almond martzen and a juniper black ale. Shortly before dessert, the campy dinner culminates in a flight of Cheez Whiz served "three ways," with three single hop beers, showcasing cascade, chinook, and citra hops. Dessert, as if we even needed to tell you, will be s'mores. The $45 dinner starts at 6:00 P.M. and will be first come, first served, sans reservations. Check out the full menu below.

Wednesday, December 14th
Beechwood BBQ & Brewing
210 E. 3rd St. Long Beach,CA 90802

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Dinner

Trail Mix: Fruit Leathers and Nut Brittles
Paired with Sierra Nevada Golden eState

Course 1:
Foraged Sautéed Wild Chanterelles with Wild greens and Herbs on dumplings
Paired with Sierra Nevada Almond Martzen

Course 2:
Foiled Trout, root vegetables, beans, sorrel, lemon zest
Paired with Sierra Nevada Allocation Ale

Course 3:
Buffalo Loin, Spruce, & roasted garlic demi with smashed potato
Paired with Sierra Nevada Juniper Black Ale

Course 4:
Cheese Wiz 3 ways and crackers with fruit
Paired with 3 Single Hop beers,
Sierra Nevada 20th St. w/Cascade
Sierra Nevada 20th St. w/ Chinook
Sierra Nevada 20th St. w/ Citra

Course 5
Paired with Sierra Nevada Black Hop Rising