New Year, New Smoking Ban: It's Butts Out in WeHo on Sunday

Sign o' the times

Cigarette butts, that is. Following in the footsteps of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, a new West Hollywood ordinance banning outdoor smoking begins at 11 P.M. on January 1. This includes restaurants with bars--but not bars or lounges--and even the Daily Dose newsstand on Hancock and Santa Monica Boulevard (because it sells M&Ms;, not kidding). WeHo restaurant owners are convinced they'll lose business. "About 50 percent of my customers are smokers,” Isla Cantina's Igor Nicholas tells West Hollywood Patch. "We have a very multi-culti clientele and they won’t like it." In other news, non-smokers still won't go to Isla Cantina. [Patch]

And with that, this cheeky little elf says have a safe, happy and smoke-'em-if-you-got-'em New Year. It's been a blast! Your regularly scheduled cruise director will return next week relaxed, refreshed and ready for 2012.