The Venison Burger Sticks Around Chaya Venice

Chaya's $22 venison burger

We'd really rather eat Rudolph than sing about him and fortunately Santa is granting our Christmas wishes. The venison burger at Chaya Venice, a juicy, terrifically tender patty of 100% venison, deeply savory with a subtle sweetness lent by a raisin chutney and a side of sweet potato fries was one of our favorite burgers of the fall season.

Apparently, we're not alone, as customers have been harassing the restaurant to keep its four-item venison menu, once planned for just two weeks, at the restaurant for a longer run. Finally, chef Shigefumi Tachibe relented and plans to keep the entire venison menu, burger, venison meatballs, chile, and roasted tenderloin and all, kicking at Chaya through December 24th. After that, well, you'll just have to sneak some buns into Saddle Peak Lodge.