First Look into Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Open Tonight in Venice


Tonight, fine-dining chefs Kris Tominaga and Brian Dunsmoor launch their guerrilla restaurant Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Having bailed their jobs at Joe's and Axe, respectively, to re-command Abbot Kinney's Capri restaurant with a menu of Southern comfort and carnivorous carnage, the chefs are putting their own stamp on Capri. They tell Grub Street they scoured second-hand shops to hand-pick mismatched vintage chairs, plates, and cutlery, while artist Lacey Cowden (who also happens to be Dunsmoor's girlfriend) is in charge of the artwork, cartoon lambs and toothy canines taped to the walls, intermingling with photos of seventies superstars. Due to the widespread blackouts last night, progress is still underway on the space, which will be open to the public starting at f5:30 P.M. Still, we have a look at what you'll find when peeking under the sheep's clothing at tonight's debut of the dual-cheffed restaurant. Revisit the menu and check out the decor in our slide show.