Watch Gjelina Chef Travis Lett Talk Kitchen Philosophy

Travis Lett

We Love Venice's Lauren Ziemski spends a few out-of-focus moments speaking with elusive Gjelina chef Travis Lett today. The toque is happy to expound on the void both parties feel Gjelina Take Away is filling in Venice, as well as removing the chefiness from restaurants and his whole cooking philosophy ("source conscientiously, buy the best quality products humanly possible, and try to get out of the way..."). It's a rare look at the intense, locavore chef that has set many a heart on fire on Abbot Kinney and beyond. Yes, it's a little unfortunate that the interviewer barely has a clue if Lett's new restaurant is actually open or not, and sure, it's too bad the tape was shot like a shaky action sequence on The Shield. But in any case, have a look at the video, as Lett sagely relates the "beauty" and "elegance" of his own stripped-down style.

Lauren Ziemski host reel interviews Travis Lett Gjelina [YouTube]