Jordan Lynn, Son to Bob, Named New Executive Chef at The Misfit

The young Lynn's gelato

Santa Monica's The Misfit has a new executive chef replacing Bruce Kalman, who appears to be available for your holiday parties when not cooking with Wood & Vine's offal adherent Gavin Mills. Jordan Lynn is now the restaurant's new executive chef. He is a veteran of La Grande Orange in Phoenix and is the son of its founder, Bob Lynn, who also operates The Misfit, LGO Cafe, and The Luggage Room**.

Farmers market-driven menu items will change immediately, a press rep confirms, while broader menu changes will come in the "next month or two." Lynn was sent by LGO higher ups to apprentice with gelato maker Moreno Spangaro in Phoenix, learning the elder's techniques and secrets by memory alone (as a cautious Spangaro refused to commit anything to paper). He took the reigns at the renamed Grateful Spoon Gelato when Spangaro departed back to Italy and shuttered his eponymous Phoenix gelateria. Expect the gelato to grace the menu soon at The Misfit, now a family affair.

**This post has been corrected to reflect that Lynn is no lot involved with M Street Kitchen or Stella Rossa.