Watch Ludo Lefebvre Cook for Your Kids and Refrain From Dropping F-Bombs

"I love it when you call me big poppa"

We learned a lot from Ludo and Krissy Lefebvre's cable T.V. roadshow LudoBites America last summer, not least that Ludo says "fuck" in English just as gloriously as any Yank, despite the thick Burgundian clip. It's a much different scene over on the culinary power couple's new show, LudoBabyBites, which finds the new papa to two twins cooking healthy things families should probably eat instead of chemical crap that comes in boxes. The second episode just went up this morning, finding the chef constructing a mac and goat cheese that replaces the orange powdery stuff to provide your yard apes with a cheese that's much gentler on their wee lil' stomachs. The video shows a gentler side of Ludo than we've seen in Top Chef Masters or LudoBites America, as the chef resists throwing out any F-bombs, plate smashing, or bloody heart munching to reveal the guy who recently told Grub Street he's really a "very mellow" type of fellow. Check out this video of Ludo "Familyman" Lefebvre as he takes on a classic bowl of U.S. comfort.