Watch MexiKosher's Katsuji Tanabe Make a Giant Tequila Fried Latke

Tanabe, por el piso

MexiKosher chef Katsuji Tanabe is going big this season, producing the world's biggest tequila fried latke. Okay, for all we know it's the world's only fried tequila latke, but still, it had us at "tequila" and again at "fried." Here the chef takes a bottle of Cazadores straight to the mix, breaking down the process for home cooks who want to spike tradition this year and get Bubbe to break dance. While the process and progress is fun to watch, as Tanabe ends up with an eternal spread of golden, craggy latke (and nearly cracks our heart when breaking la botella, then slurping the agave juice off of the floor with a straw), our favorite part of the scene boils down to the commenter who writes, "Awww I thought it said 'Giant Tequila Lake'!" Check out the video below, including Rabbi Rabb's seal of approval.