Starting January, The Sunset Strip Will Munch on Pink Taco

Pink Taco has a posse

Unless your name is Mary Kate or Ashley, you probably didn't ask for it, but here it is anyway. Pink Taco's Sunset Strip location announces its opening in January, filling in Harry Morton's budding local restaurant empire that stretches from Pink Taco Century City to Hollywood's new FukuBurger. Expect the Cabo Cantina crowd to flock to this three-story party palace, along with Mexican munchies from Scott Lindquist and Matsuhisa vet Vernon Cardenas, as well as a bunch of donkeys, both the white-hatted, two-footed and pink-painted, four-footed breed. Also, if you happen to have prominent assets, look good in a bikini, and more or less resemble a seventeen year-old girl, they're hiring!