Planet Dailies Brings Joseph Brooke On-Board, Opening February in The Original Farmers Market

It's baaaack!

New details are drifting in on Planet Dailies, the Planet Hollywood-branded cafe that is making its way to The Original Farmers Market in February. In a press release, this new planet is aligning itself with Short Order and the forthcoming Dylan's Candy Bar as part of "the new face of the Original Farmers Market." We're sure Nancy Silverton will be thrilled to hear. What else?

In addition to the new-fangled, technology-driven coffee shop component, Planet Dailies will feature a cocktail lounge called (giggle) "Mixology 101," with cocktails designed by Salvatore Calabrese and executed with help from head bartender Joseph Brooke, whose past at Edison and Next Door Lounge precedes him. Brunch, lunch, and dinner will be the provenance of Planet Hollywood casino chef David Springett, who is working on "classic inspired diner fare with a modern twist." No word just yet on whether the only cool parts of Planet Hollywood, like the Terminator's bullet-ridden jacket and Cesar Romero's Joker suit, will survive the trip to L.A.