For Some Reason, The Spare Room Starts Selling Bath Salts

Don't add this to your cocktail, please!

We know night-owls love The Hollywood Roosevelt's Spare Room, from the There Will be Blood-style bowling alley, to the blind-groping, er, photo booth, to Naomi Schimek's cocktails. But until today, we didn't know people were dying to bathe in any of the bar's libations. Apparently, The Spare Room has teamed up with a nearby apothecary called The Motley to collaborate on holiday gifts that kind of, sort of have to do with the cocktail haunt. What on earth is going on over there?


The DoppThe Motley

While we'd probably prefer a tequila IV for Christmas, the lush in your life might, possibly, be interested in a Spare Room and Motley-branded Gin Tonic Dopp Kit, with a comb, bath salts, a bar of peppermint soap, and Spare Room playing cards ($130) in a branded canvas duffel. Or maybe not.

If you'd rather save your money for another Ludlow Street Collins, the Spare Room bath salts ($14) can be purchased separately. It doesn't shock us when Ludo starts pushing graphic tees for the holidays, but we're really not used to our bars cleaning their own bathrooms, let alone providing us luxury bathroom products.

What do you think, Spare Room fans? Is this move a strike or a gutterball? If you think the former, all purchases can be made with The Motley.