Spice Table Serving Goat Curry, Lobster Yi-Mein, and Duck Satay for New Year's

Spice Table

We've bulked up your options for a gouge-free, lower-cost New Year's Eve in the last few days, and now wish to highlight a New Year's Eve menu that would still be worth dropping a few extra ducats on. Fortunately, chef Bryant Ng of Spice Table is keeping his own five-course menu at the respectably approachable price of $65. The menu is being offered on New Year's Eve starting at 9:00 P.M. and finds the chef preparing duck satay, Asian pear salad, lobster yi-mein noodles, a main course goat curry that we're already going buck for, and a dessert of spiced hot chocolate with mint cream and a mini pecan tart. What else?

Wine and beer pairings will also be available for an extra fifteen dollars. Meanwhile, Spice Table also plans DJs, party favors, and sparkling wine at midnight. Hopefully, the chef doesn't take anyone out of the game with anything as sadistically spicy as his chicken livers before the clock strikes twelve, allowing guests to savor every inch of these delectables from one of L.A.'s favorite new restaurants of 2011. Reservations at 213-620-1840.