Water Grill Unveils Its New Logo

Hi, I'm Tristan and I'll be your waiter tonight

The first big change has bubbled up from Water Grill, the Downtown seafood stunner that is undergoing a rehab after 20 years to refresh its surroundings while adding a few new ideas to the menu. Here we have the restaurant's brand new, updated logo, an adorable, focused little seahorse bearing a silver platter in his wee mitts. Clearly, this is good stuff that will look great screened onto a t-shirt or etched on a window. The new logo adds a shade of irreverence to the sometimes intimidating reputation of the restaurant, while stressing its M.O. as a seafood obsessive and service-oriented upscale, while also flirting with a sprinkle of snoot-less edge and old-schoolism. Expect more changes to come as the restaurant clings closely to its mid-January re-opening date and let us know what you think of the logo in our comments.