Andre Guerrero Plans Maximiliano-Adjacent Bakery

Guerrero's Granny Smith galette, from dearly departed Max

Chef and restaurateur Andre "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" Guerrero has another new project up his sleeves, following the recent opening of his old-school American-Italian Maxmiliano in Highland Park and the even fresher debut of Belgian Little Bear in Downtown. Los Angeles magazine reports that the chef is now planning to open a bakery next door to Maximiliano. Recalling his scuttled Buttertart Bakery project in Glassell Park, the new bakery will offer breads baked on the spot, house-made pastries, and espresso from a Synesso machine. Editor Lesley Bargar Suter whispers that other chefs are rumored to be scouting a move to the neighborhood, predicting its return to the hustling, bustling good ol' days.

Andre Guerrero to Open Bakery Next to Maximiliano [Los Angeles Magazine's Digest Blog]