The Beer Chicks Appearing Next Week on Cooking Channel's Eat This, Drink That

Perozzi and Beaune

Christina Perrozi and Hallie Beaune, AKA The Beer Chicks, have a one-hour show coming up next week on The Cooking Channel called Eat This, Drink That. The show will explore the Chicks' passion for drinking and pairing booze--not only beer, but wine, spirits, and cocktails, too--while traveling in New Orleans** and L.A. Watch the well-regarded beer sommeliers, who also have good sushi recs up their sleeves, pair just-caught shrimp with absinthe, make a sweet corn beer float in L.A., and make a cocktail using sweet spuds on March 4th at 8:00 P.M. [Cooking Channel]

**This post has been updated as the show shot in The Gulf of Mexico, not Mexico itself.