The Latest in Sang Yoon Syndrome? Handsome Coffee Roasters Witholds Your Sweeteners

Handsome Coffee Roasters

The Hollywood Reporter clues us in to the rules and regulations set by Downtown's new Handsome Coffee Roasters, the caffeinated collaboration from a super-group of Intelligentsia vets. These dudes know their coffee and according to the story, their superior mud comes with a caveat so nobody screws up this precious product: "No nonfat or low-fat dairy choices" and "no sweeteners."

Rant and rave all you want, sweet teeth and dairy-fat phobes. The Handsome ones give not a shit. Co-founder Terry Wells explains, “We have a very specific niche...We’re not for everybody and we don’t want to be.” This small shot of indie one-upmanship, while seemingly a little off-putting, will no doubt appeal to the highest echelons of L.A. coffee snobs still looking to distinguish themselves from the rest of the rabble who would sully supreme beans with low-fat dairy and Splenda.

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