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Laszlo Bossanyi Opening Laszlo's Garden on March 15th in NoHo

Laszlo's Garden

It's spring of 2012, but that can't stop the constant deluge of Central European eats on L.A. Just a week after BierBeisl debuted to teach us a lesson on der proper consumption of Austrian schnapps and sausage-swallowing, Laszlo Bossanyi, the chef-owner at North Hollywood's Hungarian restaurant Maximilian's, announces the March 15th opening of Laszlo's Garden Cafe and Champagne Bar in the restaurant's adjacent patio garden. The new side-project will specialize in edibles from Austria and Hungary on a health conscious, organics-driven menu of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soups, along with homemade wieners and a bar of bubbly from the two neighboring regions. The garden name describes the trellis-enclosed area full with trees and flowers, which will debut alongside the restaurant's first service at a party open to the public on March 15th at 2:00 P.M.

Laszlo's Garden Café and Champagne Bar, 5270 Tujunga Ave. North Hollywood 818-760-1300.

What to Eat for Brunch at Cliff's Edge

Cliff's EdgePhoto: Cliff's Edge

This past Saturday, Benjamin Bailly busted brunch out on the patio of Cliff's Edge, the Silver Lake restaurant the celebrated chef joined in January. The new offerings include European brunch staples like eggs Florentine and Benedict, French toast filled with Nutella, and raspberry crepes with vanilla marscapone. A selection of sandwiches includes smoked salmon, croque monsiuer with Black Forest ham, a B.L.A.T., and a burger with double-cheddar and onion fondue. Those seeking a heavier morning meal may find satisfaction in Bailly's two pasta preps, one a mushroom spaghetti with creme fraiche and egg, the other a carbonara bearing egg yolk, English peas, parm, and pancetta, chased by four choices for dessert. Check out the chef's full new brunch menu at Cliff's Edge, below.

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Josef Centeno Unyoked From Lazy Ox

Eater reports that chef Josef Centeno left Lazy Ox Canteen today to devote more time to his new Downtown restaurant, Baco Mercat. Taking over for Centeno, whose touch vaulted the restaurant into many local and national critics', and chefs', best-of list over the past three years, is Perfecto Rocher, who claims a tour-of-duty at El Bulli and may also grace a rumored Spanish project from Ox owner Michael Cardenas. [Eater]

Inka Deli Now Rooming With El Agave in Mar Vista

Now at El Agave

Intercultural relationships turn us on. So it was with some excitement that we brought our act to Mar Vista's El Agave this weekend for chicken in Oaxacan mole negro, only to leave with a belly of crisp-skinned Peruvian pollo as well. The reason? Due to a rent increase, Inka Deli recently closed up shop on the Venice Boardwalk and started shacking up with El Agave on Venice Boulevard at Centinela. Now, in addition to Agave's menu of clayudas, molcajetes, and cemitas, Inka owners Javier Sotillo and Ernesto Gutierrez are also serving their own selection of anticucho, lomo saltado, homemade chicha morada, ceviche, and an intricately marinated, crisp-skinned chicken available served by the quarter with a salad and fried yucca or french fries for seven bucks.

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Gordon Ramsay Teaming With Andi Van Willigan on The Fat Cow, Bound for The Grove This Summer

Hollywood Gordo wears glassesPhoto: Gordon Ramsay Holdings

Today a press release from Gordon Ramsay's team verifies last week's scuttlebutt that Gordo is coming to The Grove with his own gastropub. Unfortunately, this won't be a partnership with pal and fellow Briton David Beckham, as Andi Van Willigan, the SoCal-raised chef we first spotted when stepping aboard the double-decker World's Fare gastrobus, has been named Ramsay's partner at this planned venture.

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Very Low-Grade Beef: USDA Still Buying Pink ‘Slime’ for School Lunches

Mystery meat?

Now that not-so-discriminating fast-food chains like Taco Bell and McDonald's have sworn off "pink slime" — the terrifying alloy of ground beef scraps, cow connective tissues, and salmonella-slaying chemicals — you'd think the market for the stuff would have dried up completely. But no! Apparently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture isn't above purchasing a staggering 7 million pounds of the stuff — for school lunches. One retired Food Safety Inspection Service microbiologist tells the Daily today, "We originally called it soylent pink," insisting the product is not safe for consumption. But what might be even more damning to the image of pink slime (besides of course, the name, contents, and basically everything else we've ever heard, imagined, or assumed about the stuff) is its shady connection to George Bush the First and friends.

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Paula Deen and Brother, Bubba Hiers, Accused of Sexual Harassment

Buttered popcorn and porn.

In an event almost as icky as Deenabietes, the GM over at Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Lisa Jackson, is suing Paula Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers for a long list of dirty-man filth, mostly associated with Bubba's alleged affinity for porn, spitting on girls, and insulting women with dentures and flat heads (we'll let Brother Perv clear those up for you.). That's not even really the worst of what the suit has to say.


Spice Table, Senor Fish, and Weilands Moving Out of The Metro's Way?

A trio of popular Little Tokyo restaurants may get pushed out of their original locations so that The MTA can make way for an underground light rail station, planning to start construction in 2014, L.A. Downtown News reports. Twelve-year-old happy hour hub Weiland's Brewery, along with Senor Fish and Spice Table, are all being offered the chance to relocate with MTA funds, often to the frustrations of owners like Weiland's Rick Bennet and neighbor Bryant Ng. The Spice Table chef-owner doesn't think his one-year-old eatery, which fits perfectly into its atmospheric brick-lined network, can survive in another location. He tells LADTN, "It doesn't mean I wouldn't open another restaurant somewhere else, but opening a restaurant is very tough and we'd have to start all over." [LADTN]

Martha Stewart’s Stink-Eye Provokes Rachael Ray to Scram

Rachael wanted out.

A healthy competition turned into an ugly staredown the other night at Il Buco Alimentaria and Vineria, where Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray wound up sitting at nearby tables. Sources tell "Page Six" that Stewart was "noticeably glaring in Ray’s direction throughout her meal." Then Ray, who was dining with Meatopia's Josh Ozersky, took the high road ... and pretty much bolted. "Martha definitely looked pissed," Ozersky tells Grub Street. "But honestly I think a big part of it was just Rachael wanting to relax and be away from everybody assuming that she was in this big diva battle. She's not really like that. Rachael hates drama. She just wanted to enjoy a nice meal with her friends." Fair enough. The burn word from Martha's side? "Martha was not aware Rachael was in the restaurant." Of course. [Page Six/NYP]

The Tar Pit Goes Extinct in Hollywood

The bar at Tar Pit

Last week we gave you a peek into the mash-up dinner organized by chefs Mark Peel and Roy Choi at Peel's The Tar Pit. Sadly, and unexpectedly, this was the last major bash to overtake the two-year-old Hollywood cocktail haunt, at least at this La Brea space, as Tar Pit closed following this past Saturday's service. Peel writes to tell us the shutter came as a result of the building's landlord demanding a "high, pre-recession rent" that is seemingly too astronomical for the street, elaborating that "it would make no sense to stay. We have tried to negotiate and she won't come down even one dollar."

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Ludo Unveils LudoBites Cookbook; Lee Baca Under Fire for Lending County Car to Restaurant Owner

• Ludo Lefebvre has unveiled the cover for his new LudoBites Cookbook, the follow-up to his Crave which features an intro. by Jonathan Gold. [Eater]

• Grant Achatz's secret fast-food vices? Little Caesar's and Potbelly Sandwiches. Also, he thinks most people don't cook with enough salt. [WSJ]

• Sheriff Lee Baca is taking heat for allegedly lending county-owned cars to some cronies, including Chris Vovos of La Mirada's Mister V's Bar & Grill. [LAT]

Top Chef's Gail Simmons had a fashion "aha moment" when she met Anna Wintour wearing a goose-fat-stained Old Navy T-shirt. Since then, she's figured out which clothes flatter her. [NYP]

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