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Main Squeeze Coming to Make Santa Monica Juicier

Main Squeeze

Following on the heels of Moon Juice and joining nearby peers like One Life and Windward Deli, a new juice bar called Main Squeeze is in the process of being put together on Main Street in Santa Monica, just down the street a few addresses from Chinois. The small storefront plans to specialize in fresh fruit smoothies and juice when it opens next month, turning the beach side ever juicier.

Main Squeeze, 2727 Main St. Santa Monica. 818-929-0536.

D'Artagnan and David Féau Unite on Foie Front at The Royce

Ariane Daguin, the dedicated heir to the Gascon legacy of naturally raised meat and delicacy supplier, D'Artagnan, (who sometimes goes by the street name "Ms. Foie") spent two recent nights at The Royce at Pasadena's legendary Langham hotel to celebrate the cuisine of southwest France with chef David Féau, a native of northwest Le Mans. Féau's menu for the occasion drew in the chefs from Animal to dine, as well as one of our favorite food critics, while Daguin defiantly spread the word of a counterinsurgency she's helping to organize against California's upcoming foie gras ban, which she obviously finds detestable.

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Drunk Twentysomethings Descend on Sonoma Barrel Tastings; Lady Gaga Wants to Make Wine?

"The trick is not to drink the whole barrel!"

• Gen Y wine tasters are increasingly flocking up to northern Sonoma for the Wine Road's annual barrel-tasting weekends, mostly to get wasted. With one weekend left to go, the wineries are already feeling a little bruised, and at least two large groups of twentysomethings (traveling by limo) had to be escorted out of wineries last weekend by cops. [Press-Democrat]

Food & Wine just named their top sommeliers of 2012, and among them are Michael Madrigale at Boulud Sud in New York; Jennifer Ingellis at Brassica in St. Helena, California; Ted Glennon at the new Restaurant 1833 in Monterey; Jeremy Quinn at Telegraph in Chicago; and Eric Espuny at The Langham in Pasadena. [Food & Wine]

• Following reports that Lady Gaga had been wandering around Sonoma County last week, we now hear via a source close to her that she's a big wino and may be trying to buy a vineyard. [Grub Street, Earlier]

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Eric Garcetti Shares His Classic Taste in Tacos

If you follow local politics, you surely know Hollywood city councilman representative, mayoral candidate, and senior-power-walking champion Eric Garcetti. Today, he shares his favorite tacos with L.A., and rallies around some stalwart favorites in District Trece and beyond, sounding like a guy who really chows down in Taco Town. El Garco's favorite is the James Beard-flexing cochinita pibil at Yuca's, followed by the time-tested battered shrimp taco at Baja Ensenada, and chorizo from Echo P's Tacos Arizas. Hopefully, this final choice means the man would fight for our endangered right to eat at loncheras. [LA Taco]

Now That Shark Fins Are Banned, Experts Find Out They May Cause Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

Just as the California ban comes into effect and as New York State mulls a ban of their own, shark fins turn out to be really, really bad for you, according to a new study. The fins of multiple varieties of sharks are loaded with the neurotoxin BMAA, or Beta-methylamino-L-alanine, which has been linked to both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease in humans, as the Times' Green blog reports.

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Golden Road Debuts Valentin, Its First Collaboration Brew, To Benefit International Women's Day

ValentinPhoto: Golden Road

It's International Women's Day today, not that you would've noticed around here lately. Already underway in Atwater this afternoon, Golden Road Brewing is commemorating the celebration with the debut of Valentin, a French saison-style ale brewed with blood oranges and created in collaboration with Kevin Wright, of Hangar 24 brewery in Redlands. The 6.5% ABV beer marks Golden Road's first joint venture and will be offered through tonight as part of a $9 four-beer "Lady Flight" (90% more rewarding than the lady mustache), which also includes the brewery's hef and IPA, and Hangar's Vinaceous Old Ale. There's also good news in case you can't make it to or afford today's chef-saturated Planned Parenthood Food Fare: Two bucks from every flight goes to the organization to provide women's health services. And of course, dudes are welcome too.

The James Weird Awards: Coleslaw Wrestling and Chuck E. Cheese Abandonment

The week in food has so far included USDA-endorsed "soylent pink" and a diet that advocates tasting without eating. It's also given us a few delightfully (and in some cases, distressingly) odd news items that we've gathered for your perusal. Check 'em out in the James Weird Awards, straight ahead.

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What to Eat for Brunch at Fundamental LA, Starting Saturday

Fundamental LA

Fundamental LA begins brunch service this Saturday morning, running from 11:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M. every weekend thereafter. Favored for a rotating selection of standout sandwiches at lunch, an adherence to baking and curing its own, and an affordable, gutsy dinner menu, the small, stripped-down Westwood cafe will revel in morning dishes not necessarily served between slices, like creme fraiche scrambled eggs with chevre, king trumpet 'shrooms, and bitter greens, sous-vide eggs with house-smoked bacon and grits, and French toast made with spiced apples and the spot's own brioche. Meanwhile, the mud is another sustainable Yay Area export, this time from San Fran's Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, served via French press. And just in case you want to keep it safe, there will be some sandwiches, too. Check out the new brunch selection below.

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50 Cent Wings at Napa Valley Grille Tonight

Napa Valley Grille plans to stoke students and stragglers tonight with 50 cent wings in a sesame chili glaze and two-dollar PBRs, all in support of what's called "Bruins Night Out." If the gang at Maruchan is your regular dinner partner, catch Taylor Boudreaux's specials tonight from 9:00 P.M. to midnight at 1100 Glendon Ave. Westwood.

Jeremiah Tower Credits L.A. For Inspiring Stars and the Modern Restaurant

Jeremiah Tower

The haters have really come around as of late. No longer able to rest on simple stereotypes and lazy critiques amid the growing din, outsiders can finally admit it: L.A. is a damn good town to eat through. Today, San Francisco chef-in-exile Jeremiah Tower also stresses just how damn important we are to the contemporary state of dining out. What does he have to say?

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Did John Lennon Have Bulimia?; Coors Releases Ice Tea-Flavored Beer

• A new book claims notorious egg-man John Lennon "loved to eat," but hated feeling full, leading to accusations that he was bulimic. [ToI]

• It's nearly spring, and beers are going citrusy: Coors will roll out an iced-tea flavored beer, and Anheuser-Busch will introduce Lime-a-Rita margarita-flavored suds. We'll stick to tequila-spiked Arnold Palmers, but thanks. [NYDN]

• Sip on this: Coca-Cola had to modify ingredients in one of its caramel-color additives to avoid having to put cancer warnings on its cans under a new California law. Pepsi is yet to follow its lead (as always). [Salt/NPR]

• Rush Limbaugh does NOT like books that expose the underbelly of the food system, as evidenced by his "young, single, over-educated" comments about Tracie McMillan, author of The American Way of Eating. Wait, he reads books? [Seattle Times]

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