Weed Workers Join United Food and Commercial Union; Kegger Cup Company Rakes It In

Workers at Los Angeles' medical marijuana dispensaries have joined the 35,000 member-strong United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770, which promises to use the "full force" of its organization to keep the facilities open. [LAT]

Who knew the company that makes those red Solo cups found at keggers was worth $1 billion? [USAT]

We're not the only ones frustrated, as the city of Malibu is being vocal about its anger over the disinformation spread by the The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department surrounding the recent death of an employee at Guido's restaurant. [LAT]

A food revolution is afoot in Mexico, where chefs are daring to shake up traditional fare. [WSJ]

Govind Armstrong's 8 Oz. Burger Bar snags a great review in Seattle. [Seattle News]

Things are reportedly popping over in Uptown Whittier. [ABC]

Wal-Mart and Sam's Club are both promising to offer alternatives to "pink slime" at their stores. [Delmarva Now!]

Pop-ups are still popping: The WSJ breaks down the economics of temporary restaurants. [WSJ]

Pebble Beach Food & Wine spokeswoman Joey Kotick offers tips for getting down at the Thomas Keller and Jacques Pepin-lead event, including a "Stars of Los Angeles Lunch," featuring Michael Cimarusti, Rory Hermann, Lee Hefter, and Sherry Yard. [LAT]

Sourdough bread can be made from levain, or starter containing "wild" yeast, but it's somewhat tricky. [Salt/NPR]