Check Out Manzke, Page, and Silverton's New Menu of Savories at Short Cake

Some of Short Cake's new selection

Today Short Cake releases its full menu of savory items from Short Order chef Christian Page and co-owner Nancy Silverton, with the help of MVP Walter Manzke, the same one we forecast last month. The new menu brings salads, croissant sandwiches, and tartine toasts together with baked items from Hourie Sahakian, who is now working on a gluten-free line of goods to follow.

The new salads range from healthy green plates of seeds and sprouts to a carnivorous Silverton spread of cured Italian meats and cheeses with veggies and a pepperoncini-oregano dressing. Manzke's influence is found mostly on the open-faced sandwiches he says are inspired by the market and his favorite tartines in the cafes of Paris, including sandwiches with bechamel, aged white cheddar, and slow-cooked broccoli and one named for the chef himself with North Country Smokehouse ham, kale, comte, bechamel, tyme, and tomato. Elsewhere, there is twice-baked brioche and Straus yogurt muffins for breakfast, in addition to a landslide of cookies, cakes, pies, and tarts for whenever the feeling strikes. Check out Short Cake's full new savory menu below.

Short Cake

Short Cake's New Savory MenuShort Cake