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Culver City's Fraiche Being Replaced by Public School

Culver City's location of Fraiche is soon to be taken over by the Public School concept that opened in Downtown more than a year ago under Grill Concepts LLC., the corporate company behind all those Grill on the Alleys and Daily Grills out there. Eater spies a booze application on the shop's window, signaling the coming of more craft brew to this corner of L.A., which has steadily dumped its French dining options since Le Saint Amour folded early this year. More surprisingly than the coming of another suds-slinger is the fact that the other Fraiche location is apparently still surviving in Santa Monica. [Eater]

U.S. Department of Labor Tells Us It's Suing Chan Dara

An email from the U.S. Department of Labor (we stopped being Facebook pals in March) tells us that the government agency has slapped both locations of Thai restaurant Chan Dara, located on Larchmont and West Pico, with lawsuits over violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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Public Kitchen Welcomes American Way of Eating Author and Rush Limbaugh Enemy, Tracie McMillan

Public Bar and Kitchen

Recent Rush Limbaugh target Tracie McMillan is coming to dinner at Public Kitchen & Bar next Wednesday to discuss and sign her new book, The American Way of Eating, the same tome that set off the radio slob in the first place (maybe deep-fried Twinkies weren't given enough ink or something?).

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Rumors Fly Over Abbey Manager's Alleged Embezzlement

The Abbey

Last we heard from Nick Lambert, a manager at The Abbey, he was making the rather sound decision to not serve alcohol to a wayward fifteen-year-old autistic kid with a taste for screwdrivers. But today, two websites are spreading some loose talk that Lambert has been fired from the club and may even be accused of embezzling $300,000 from the business, with little to officially corroborate the accusation. WeHo Confidential, which cites "inside sources," still chalks the talk up to "rumor," questioning why, if he was fired under suspicion of stealing so much scratch over several years, would he also be spotted at a "white party" sponsored by The Abbey's principals right after.

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Pine Tree Korean Rises From The Ashes in Northridge

Northridge has a considerable collection of Korean barbecue spots, a population that took a hit in 2011 when someone left the SFV neighborhood's Pine Tree Korean barbecue on the grill too long, burning the restaurant to a crisp (note: not the fire department's official version of events). The barbecue joint sat there stewing in spray paint for a while, but officially reopened its doors last Tuesday, bringing back the popular all-you-can-eat options in an area that hardly rivals KTown, but might still be your best fix left of the 405. [Facebook]

5x5 Chefs Becoming 6x6, With Guest Chefs Ludo, Cosentino, Tusk, and Jeremy Fox

Cool shades, dudes...Photo: David Guilbert Photography

Those shiny new pop-ups kids apparently have nothing on our veterans. Starting at the end of April, the 5x5 Chefs Collaborative is returning for a series of once-a-month pop-up dinners to be spread among each chefs' own restaurants through September. The chef quintet is packed with local heavyweights, as its roster again include OGs Gino Angelini, Michael Cimarusti, and Josiah Citrin this season, only now with the inclusion of Rory Herrmann of Bouchon and ink. emperor Michael Voltaggio. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, as even more high-caliber toques are due for the table this year.

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Yojisan Sushi Opens Tonight in 90210

Yojisan's Asari clam soupPhoto: Yojisan Sushi

Today restaurateur Giacomino Drago (owner of il Pastaio, Piccolo Paradiso, and new A1 Cucina, among several others), is opening Yojisan Sushi in Beverly Hills, a raw fish-slinging sister to Drago's Sushi House Unico in Bel-Air. At Yojisan, Drago appears to be attempting to land a Sam Nazarian, vaulting his partner and beloved sushi chef, Yoji Tajima, into first name recognition territory. While still holding down duties at Sushi House Unico, Tajima will also oversee both the sushi bar selection along with a menu of creative Japanese dishes crafted with input from both partners.

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After 41 Years, Mirabelle on Sunset Shutters for Rebirth


41 year-old Mirabelle on Sunset closed its doors last week. The Cali-Mediterranean celebrity mainstay and neighborhood institution's original owner, George Germanides, made the announcement directly to the restaurant's most regular customers, while all other diners simply received a note, placed by a valet, inside of their cars. A source tells us some of Mirabelle's more loyal clientele will be offered the option of home delivery to ward off any crab bisque withdrawal symptoms, while the restaurant looks to be metamorphosing into a whole new animal, as Mirabelle's website teases, "A new Mirabelle coming soon" and another source attached to the project tells us announcements on the future of the space are due in the coming weeks.

22 Other Things Pizza Hut Should Stuff Into Its Crusts

This is only the beginning.

Now that Pizza Huts in the UK are offering pizza crusts stuffed with hot dogs, it would seem we've reached the pinnacle of human achievement. Hardly. Here's a bunch of other crap that, to the best of our knowledge, has yet to be stuffed into a pizza crust.

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