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Angeli Caffe to Soar Again at The Charleston

Evan Kleiman

We have a feeling that wherever there's an Evan Kleiman, there will always be an Angeli Caffe, the beloved trattoria the chef closed on Melrose last year to many spilled tears. Fortunately, Jet Tila is helping to provide the restaurant's spirit with a host body, as Kleiman is planning to turn the chef's new restaurant, The Charleston, into a truncated version of Angeli on May 7 for the Santa Monica spot's first pop-up. The Good Food host will serve a $45-per person, family-style selection of eight dishes, starting antipasti misti and leading to gnocchetti di ricotta before ending on the chef's proprietary lasagna and dessert of tiramisu and chocolate chunk bread pudding. See Kleiman's full menu below and makes reservations for one of two seatings at 310-828-2115.

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Chaya Serves Eight Courses of Wild Alaskan Seafood

Wild Fish FairPhoto: Tatiana Arbogast

To celebrate its embrace of sustainable seafood, Chaya Brasserie in Beverly Hills is running a special menu of eight dishes piled high with wild Alaskan fish and shellfish through April 30. Chef Shigefumi Tachibe's recipes include a mushroom tart with sea urchin and Alaskan king crab, ravioli stuffed with mi-cuit wild salmon, brioche crusted Alaskan halibut, black truffle soy glazed-black cod from the northernmost state, and a spicy hot pot with halibut cheek, langoustine, shrimp, clams, and black mussels. We probably don't need to tell you which territory-inspired baked dessert marks the end of the menu, but just in case, you'll find Chaya's full "Wild Fish Fair" selection below.

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California Citrus Industry Shaken by Discovery of "Serious Citrus Scourge"

Disease-free citrusPhoto: MITCHELL via Flickr

California's citrus industry is in a panic over the spread of huanglongbing, considered "one of the most serious scourges of citrus," and also known as citrus greening. The malady, spread by Asian citrus psyllids and already responsible for a $3.6 billion citrus industry loss in Florida, was discovered on a lone lemon-grapefruit hybrid tree in a Hacienda Heights yard, the first time the arboreal illness was unearthed in California. While The New York Times reports that the biggest immediate danger is for the trees of homeowners, the president of California Citrus Mutual calls the find "a gut-shot," and explains, "We've been looking for this, and unfortunately we've found it." The state is now trying to take a proactive approach to getting the word out. So if you happen to have a tree exhibiting yellow leaves and tasteless fruit, not to worry: there's an app for that! [NYT]

Department of Deportment: How to Order Coffee Now (There’s More to It Than You Think)

Don't even think about adding nondairy creamer.Photo: David Sifry/Flickr

Buying a cup of coffee has become a lot more complicated in the last half decade. Yes, you can still run into a diner, or a convenience store, or even a Starbucks and get your usual, but a new breed of specialty roaster that respects every aspect of the coffee-making process — from the welfare of the folks who grow the fruit to the technical skill of the crew crafting your cortado — has changed the rules, for the businesses and for customers.

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Twinkies: Nearing Expiration?

“It doesn’t get more American than Twinkies, yet Twinkies will be no more unless the company gets serious.” —Ken Hall, the Hostess Teamsters’ general secretary-treasurer, reflecting on the company's bankruptcy-related battle with its own union. [Baltimore Sun, Earlier]

Bigmista's Competing at Innaugural West Coast BBQ Classic, May 12 at The Queen Mary

West Coast BBQ Classic

On Saturday, May 12, a serious smoke-out is planned at The Queen Mary's adjacent park in Long Beach. The very first West Coast BBQ Classic will bring together over 32 barbecue specialists to compete through a wide variety of approaches, including true barbecue, grilling, and sauce-styles representing Texas, Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas City, and Memphis, all to be judged using the rules set and sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society.

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Spago Makes Chocolate Electric Guitars, But Only For Gene Simmons

Gene "The Marketing Machine" Simmons

Gene Simmons, the KISS member who just helped relaunch El Segundo's Rock and Brews as a family-friendly, live-concert-themed restaurant, promises he'll actually be there, explaining to Food & Wine that he's "not one of those guys that stands in the back. I like too much power, and my ego demands it." We'll believe that when we see it. The rocker also sounds off on his favorite L.A. restaurants, places that he surprisingly has no form of licensing agreement with. At least we don't think rock's loudest shiller has a deal with Au Bon Pain yet, of which he prides himself for noticing: "Nobody likes to point to franchise models, but good is good." What else might you find the demon munching on?

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Jason Neroni Leading Superba Snack Bar in Venice, Lends a Hand to Pitfire Pizza

Superba Snack BarPhoto: Tatiana Arbogast

Last month, Yo Venice! unveiled the under construction facade of Superba Snack Bar, a new restaurant coming to poised-to-explode Rose Avenue. After seeing some crudely scrawled signage hit the place, we somehow only just put two and two together to get Jason Neroni, the storied chef who recently bailed Osteria La Buca. According to the chef's tweets, it appears that Superba is the project he'll be cooking at next, as he recently announced "Superba Snack Bar is out of the bag" and later tweeted a photo of what it could look like inside.

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Jon Hamm and Kevin Bacon Have Disappointingly Veg-Centric Diets

More into kale than actual bacon.Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

It goes without saying that when you're in the same room with Kevin Bacon and Jon Hamm, your mind might drift to pork. It's doubly true when the room in question is Cipriani Wall Street, where Mario Batali and Stanley Tucci hosted Food Bank for New York City's Can-Do Awards, which is where we bumped into the two last night.

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IHOP Sued by Fired Arab Muslim Workers

That sign might be a problem.

Controversy is rearing its head at several different Texas-based IHOPs after four former employees filed suit yesterday against the chain and its local franchisee. The lawsuit alleges that the quartet of workers, all Arab and Muslim men, were fired in 2010 because of where they come from and what they believe, claims that are supported by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after a review.

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Gardena's Jidaiya Ramen Labeled An "Unctuous Weapon of Pork"

JidaiyaPhoto: Tony Chen

Summing up L.A.'s latest ramen obsessions with a typically critical wave of dismissal, Sino Soul writes, "Tsujita’s ramen broth stinks of anchovies, Yamada-ya smells of pork, Fujin’s disperses distinct chicken aroma." The blogger finds himself with a more nuanced bowl of noodles at Gardena's new Jidaiya, whereas the tonkotsu is cooked for ten hours with purified water and the spicy karamiso ramen is labeled "the ultimate 'umami' powerhouse." While we have a feeling the thrifty blogger is most aroused by the $7.00 per bowl price of the ramen, he leaves with the confidence that "Jidaiya...[has] no equal in L.A. in terms of producing unctuous weapons of pork." [SinoSoul]

Jidaiya, 18537 S.Western Ave. Gardena. 310-532-0999.

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