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Simmzy's Now Serving Lunch, Dinner and Beer in Belmont Shore

The new beer hallPhoto: Courtesy Simmzy's

Mike and Chris Simms opened their second outpost of Simmzy's in Long Beach this weekend, bringing even more taps, burgers and Anne Conness's menu is similar in spirit to the original location, but featuring new additions like farmers' market fritters and wood-fired pizzas, plus weekend brunch. Specials change nightly, with homey dishes like chicken pot pie (Tuesdays) and cioppino (Wednesdays) served family-style. With more than 30 beers and 10 boutique wines on tap, the biggest difference is in what you'll be drinking. There are almost no bottles, a very green decision. The room was designed by the same firm that did M.B. Post: reclaimed wood and communal tables seem to be de rigueur for the beach communities these days.

Simmzy's Belmont Shore, 5271 E. Second Street, Long Beach, (562) 439-5590

In the Weeds

Sure, there was bantam chicken with fresh cannabis leaves, monkfish with cannabis-epazote pesto congee, panna cotta dusted with powdered cannabis soil, and apparently a massive amount of press at the not-so-secret Starry Kitchen/Laurent Quenioux mash-up 4/20 dinner the other night. The best part was probably Commodore Booty McHooters, SK's owner Nguyen Tran's new alter ego, leading people on a fake Lionel Ritchie walking tour. A man can only go up from a banana suit. [Squid Ink]

Inside Greenbar Collective, L.A.'s First Distillery Since Prohibition

Beautiful facade brightens up 8th StreetPhoto: Lesley Balla

Last night we slipped into the grand opening celebration for Greenbar Collective, a splashy new distillery hidden among the warehouses downtown. Litty Mathew and Melkon Khosrovian moved operations from Monrovia downtown to produce Tru Vodka, Crusoe Rum, Barkeep Bitters, and Ixta Tequila. With the new 14,000-square-foot space, they're upping production more than tenfold, going from 150,000 bottles to, when running at full capacity, 4,000,000 a year, which makes Greenbar producers of the largest portfolio of organic spirits in the world. So what's inside?

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Now Watch Jeremy Fox Make Some Pizzas With Friends in L.A.

The ever elusive Jeremy Fox, who's lately been down in L.A. doing a bit of consulting and possibly maybe working on a restaurant of his own, pops up today in this video, shot by a friend, of a pizza party in the friend's home. They shop at the Hollywood farmers' market, and make some good-looking pies with spring-y stuff like green garlic, purple potatoes, clams, and other stuff.

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It’s Raw Milk, Man, Not Marijuana

No raw milk allowed.

Is raw milk the new pot? That's the question Dana Goodyear poses in this week's New Yorker, mostly based on the milk raids and arrests at Rawesome, the Venice food co-op targeted last year. She lays down a pretty solid case — federal agents, raids, wads of cash, illegal transport and sale of goods, a robust underground market, secret farms hidden in the mountains, thousands of gallons of product destroyed, and arrests. Just switch out marijuana, DEA and "farmacies" for raw dairy, FDA and members-only food stores, and you get the idea.

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David Myers, Condo-ized

Turns out the next restaurant for the Comme Ca chef won't be in Hollywood (although that is still happening), but instead on the ground floor of a new luxury condominium property in Century City. According to the Los Angeles Times, David Myers yet-to-be-named restaurant will anchor The Century and be open to the public, but it will also cater events and private affairs for the residents (Candy Spelling has the penthouse). Opening target date is December. "We'll be focused on incredible ingredients blended with [influences of] the Silk Road path of Japan and Southeast Asia," Myers tells the Times. So ... Sona Light? [LAT]

S. Irene Virbila Big on BierBeisl; Gold's Mutant Dumplings at Wang Xing Ji

Kitchen seats at BierBeisl.

S. Irene Virbila is completely smitten with Bernhard Mairinger's BierBeisl, a small simple spot in Beverly Hills where refined Austrian cuisine meets a seasonal California sensibility. What's not to like: The Patina alum is turning out traditional dishes like whipped pork fat and pretzel bread, perfectly crisp schnitzel with warm potato salad, an array of custom-made sausages, and a white fish filet with a warm cucumber-celery salad that's "genius." Half the fun is watching the almost 7-foot chef work his magic in the tiny open kitchen. But it's also the Austrian-heavy beer and wine list, and the schnapps, which you really don't find around town much. "Let's hope there will soon be as many people lined up for apple strudel as there are for cupcakes ordered from the machine outside Sprinkles one block over," she says."This is Beverly Hills. Anything could happen." [LAT]

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If the Restaurant's Too Loud, You're Probably Too Old to Enjoy It

Nowhere for sound to go at Bottega Louie

Noise levels in restaurants is such a Catch-22. On one hand, while it's great to actually have and hear a conversation with your dining partners, it's unnerving to sit in a completely quiet restaurant. On the other, too loud is a ridiculous cacophony that turns many paying customers away. Eat LA's Colleen Dunn Bates targets Bottega Louie on KPCC's "Off Ramp" this weekend, finding the crushing sound of the white-walled space just too much. Even at 7:00 P.M. on a Wednesday night, when the restaurant isn't at capacity, she and another reporter measure the decibels to be as loud as a dump truck. "There's a a fine line between conviviality and deafening, but yet, people keep coming," says Bates. Is there any way around it?

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Genius Vegas Doctor Launches Hangover-Cure-on-Wheels

Going mobile.Photo: Courtesy of Hangover Heaven

How did this not happen sooner? Today we get word that enterprising anesthesiologist Jason Burke launched an operation called Hangover Heaven. Of course, this is in Las Vegas, on a bus, outfitted with plush seats and flat-screen TVs. He calls his treatment room a "medical practice on wheels, analogous to a physician with an RV offering X-rays, MRIs or mammograms, a mobile dentist, or a blood bank bus set up in an office-building parking lot." Well, it's almost like that, except his patients' wounds are self-inflicted.

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See Zadie Smith’s Brother Bug Out Over a Bad Cup of Tea

Novelist Zadie Smith's younger brother Ben has a rap-comic alter ego, Doc Brown, who cannot abide a subpar cuppa. In fact, it's the one topic that gets him properly fired up to rap, as you can see by the lyrics: "What I see made my heart burst / you went and put the fucking milk in first. ... You picked the wrong brother's cup to mess with / Now go get me a motherfucking digestive." Guess we all have our hot buttons. See the rest of his raging in the video below.

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