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The Art of Cooking Hits Royal/T This Friday

The Art of Cooking

Starting April 27 and stretching through August, Royal/T is hatching a large food-themed show called "The Art of Cooking," curated by Hanne Mugaas, whose own history includes work at The Guggenheim and the founding of Tokyo's Moving Image Archive of Contemporary Art, as well as a family of gourmet chefs and restaurant owners. Mugaas is organizing over 60 artists who use food themes in their pieces, with humorous contributions like clothing stitched with bananas and hot dogs, objects crafted from plastic grocery bags, painted chocolate bars, Kenny Scharf's floating donuts paintings, and Scott Reeder's works using real spaghetti, which we're totally guilty of biting in third grade when our teacher had us make macaroni art.

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Spago Cooking Up 20th Birthday Lunch in Vegas


Before Las Vegas' top-tier selling-point became its legion of famous chefs running their own Sin City satellites, there was just Wolfgang Puck, who was told he was crazy for bringing Spago to the town of free fried shrimp buffets and three-dollar steak specials. Two decades later, we all know who's having the last laugh on that one. To kick off this year's Vegas Uncork'd festival on May 10, Wolfgang Puck and Bon App├ętit EIC Adam Rappaport are hosting a four-course 20th Anniversary lunch at Spago at Caesar's Palace Forum Shops, along with the restaurant's original and current exec chefs, David Robins and Eric Klein. All three chefs are promised to be cooking together, while Puck will also tell stories about setting up shop in the desert back in 1992. The two-hour lunch, kicking off at 11:30 A.M., is limited in size, with $150 reservations available online. Have the first look at the full menu, below.

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Eveleigh Going Whole Hog on Patio This Sunday

Toft, before his breakdownPhoto: Eveleigh

Last month, Eveleigh put its enchanting patio space to perfect use with the introduction of a new monthly whole animal supper. Chef Jordan Toft demonstrated a quick breakdown of a young hogget lamb provided by Windrose Farms, with radical farmer Bill Spencer joining the table for a discussion, prior to a nine-course family-style feast involving dishes like lamb tartar, gnocchi with lamb neck ragu, lamb belly fritters, a mixed grill of offal including the heart, rack, and kidneys, plus "lambchetta" with green garlic salsa verde, and a twelve-hour lamb shoulder, alongside small plates of produce from Windrose. So, what's up Toft's sleeves this month?

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Bayless: The Chef, the Actor ... and Now the App

Got an iPhone, $2.99, and a hunger for authentic Mexican food? Then Rick Bayless: Mexican Essentials is for you. The Frontera chef's first app has just been released by Chronicle Books, containing 35 interactive Mexican recipes, 40 instructional videos, a guide to storage and use of 32 key ingredients including Bayless's own audio instructions, and various other search tools and geegaws. For a limited time you can get it for $2 off the $4.99 price. [iTunes]

Hatfield's ISO New Chef de Cuisine as Sycamore Kitchen Takes Shape

As the opening of the couple's Sycamore Kitchen starts to materialize into reality, Quinn and Karen Hatfield announce that they are seeking a new chef de cuisine to replace Brian Best at their heavily praised Melrose restaurant, Hatfield's, as he is going on to help with the new project. According to a Craigslist posting, applicants interested in leading the line ideally must have "5+ years cooking in Fine Dining restaurants like Hatfield's, that means 3-Stars from the Los Angeles Times or Michelin Stars. An opening date has not been set for the restaurant, but a rep tells us a late May/early June opening is realistic.

Starting Today, Don Chow Truck Makes Free Boar Belly and Tongue Tacos for Dos Equis

Brave? Grasshopper is what's for dinner around here.

Have you seen those vague posters hung up everywhere with Aztec-style warriors threatening "It's Almost Here!" and the like? Well, no real need to worry, as it's hardly the dawning of Reconquista or the fulfillment of 2012's doomsday prophecy. If you'd noticed the color scheme, you'd see that it was purely Dos Equis-related. Starting today, the most interesting marketing team in the world is launching "Feast of the Brave," the beer company's attempt to put "exotic" tacos of ostrich and scorpion into the hands of six U.S. cities to gear up for next Saturday's Cinco de Drinko. So, what's happening in L.A. today and who's making the tacos?

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Boulud, Ducasse, and Savoy Take Los Angeles, Share a Bowl of Gummy Bears

Boulud, Ducasse, and Savoy, with Gummy BearsPhoto: @Danielboulud via Twitter

A three-headed, 22-Michelin star-rocking giant is stalking our streets today, as we learn via Daniel Boulud's Twitter that he was in L.A. this week* with fellow French chefs, Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse. From what we can gather, the fellas were in town to appear on Masterchef with Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay, and so far, ate dinner at Mozza on Monday with Ludo Lefebvre and last night at The Bazaar. The three also snacked on a big bowl of gummy bears, we assume from craft services, which Savoy somehow managed to make look all cool and moody and French.

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Burger King Will Go Humane ... In Half a Decade

As we all learned in Food, Inc., the fast-food industry plays a huge role in dictating the practices of industrial farms in this country. Today Burger King announced that they plan to get their pork and poultry products from 100 percent cage-free sources by 2017, inadvertently reminding us all that their eggs and bacon currently come from sad, dark places that reek of death and feces.

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San Bernardino Proposal Fails to Force Restaurants to Check Employees' Immigration Status

Epic measure fail!

San Bernardino apparently has its very own Jan Brewer, as last night county Supervisor Neil Derry pushed a proposal that would force restaurants to inform all passersby whether or not they have given immigration checks to their employees. As one would expect in Southern California, and one of the reasons we love living here, the measure failed to gather a single vote besides Derry's. The L.A. Times reports that his plan would have changed the white letter-grade health inspection cards given to restaurants to suddenly become color-coded under the measure. No, the red and green scheme was probably not an intentional attempt to have neighborhoods flying the Mexican tri-color, but rather indicators as to whether a restaurant had used a federal database to verify its employees' immigration status or not.

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Oprah Winfrey Hits Scarpetta, Buys Homeless Man a Meal

"You get pasta! And you get pasta!"

Oprah Winfrey continues to be the closest thing America has to a real wizard, materializing new cars, free therapy, and fistfuls of cash for those in need with just a simple snap of her fingers. Today, "Page Six" reveals that Big O was recently eating a five-course dinner on the patio of Scarpetta in Beverly Hills with a few power players from her OWN Network. During the meal, a man approached and asked, "Oprah can you help a homeless guy get a bowl of soup, please?" Check this out: Instead of screaming for security, Oprah literally just said out loud, possibly to no one in particular, "Please, can we get him some money, get him a meal," and lo, it was done. A tablemate immediately handed the dude a "wad of cash" and the restaurant began serving him. Now that's magic. Then again, maybe it's just Scarpetta that has people feeling generous, as similarly juicy Jay-Z dropped a $50,000 tip on the waitstaff here in August. [NYP]

Annnd the Latest Teen-Drinking Trend Is ... Hand Sanitizer

Oh, kids. If they're not stealing their parents' prescription meds or sniffing Pixy Stix (is that still a thing?), they're ... guzzling hand sanitizer. That's right: The latest trend in teen intoxication involves squirting back Purell and its ilk, which contain 62 percent ethyl alcohol. Six youngsters have already been rushed to emergency rooms in Southern California, and doctors are reporting that they were pretty drunk but completely bacteria-free, which is more than you can claim about a Four Loko habit. [NYDN]

Fan Accidentally Douses Obama in Fro-Yo, But He’s Cool With It

He's been hit with worse.Photo: Daily Camera

There's a moral in here somewhere: The POTUS dropped by Boulder college pub the Sink en route to an engagement at the University of Colorado ... and ended up with pants covered in purple fro-yo. An excited bystander dropped her dessert on the ground as he strode past, splashing his trousers, but Obama gamely cleaned it up himself, even saying to the woman: "Getting yogurt on the president, that's a good story." Hopefully he had a change of clothes in his motorcade. Untroubled by his soiled attire, Obama even autographed the ceiling next to man-about-town Guy Fieri's signature and listened while a pub patron told him about her plans to open a cheese-fry shop. What would obesity opponent MObama think of that idea? [Daily Camera]

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