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Gwyneth Paltrow Takes Car .06 miles to Madeo; Ryan Reynolds Chomps on Casa Vega

Even for Hollywood, that's a little lazy

It ain't easy being green, as friend-of-the-environment Gwyenth Paltrow reportedly told West Hollywood recently by taking a limousine for all of ten seconds just to travel from Stella McCartney's boutique to Madeo, a couple of days before Earth Day, no less. Sure, this is L.A. and all, but even her husband still chose to walk the short distance. In other notable celebrity spottings around town, Vanessa Hudgens came down from a head-exploding run at Coachella with brunch at Jinky's Studio City Cafe, Gerald Butler conquered alcoholism while sipping water at Agency and flirting it up, Rihanna found love with Melissa Forde at The Roxbury, and George Clooney and Stacy Kiebler had a double-date with Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber at Craig's. To see where else stars were drinking, dining, and sometimes aligning, look below.

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Blue Cow Melding With Grilled Cheese Truck

If tequila and tacos aren't on your agenda for May 5, Blue Cow is welcoming Dave Danhi's Grilled Cheese Truck to its Downtown terrace for a three-hour event called "The Big Cheese Patio Party." From noon to three, the truck will unload new and classic versions of its melty sandwiches while Steve Livigni matches each to a craft draft or cocktail. Blue Cow will be showing The Kentucky Derby during the event and plans this tag-team as an annual occurrence, with all profits going to the Men’s Guild for Children’s Hospital L.A. 350 S. Grand Ave. Downtown.

If You Want to Be a Famous Chef, You’d Better Have Noma on Your Resume

Rene Redzepi: Everyone's favorite mentor.Photo: Courtesy of the Embassy of Denmark, London

Gone are the days that an ambitious young chef seeks out Guy Savoy or Michel Bras or a Michelin three-star restaurant in Paris to do a stage that makes their CV look fancier. Nowadays, you need to be able to claim having done some time with René Redzepi at Noma in Copenhagen in order to feel cool. At least that's what we've learned today via both Adam Platt's review of New York's Atera, run by a Noma alum, and a piece in the Wall Street Journal about all the ex-Noma cooks (Nomads?) who have spread around the U.S. and the world opening up new, geographically specific restaurants in a similar vein — including recent Food & Wine Best New Chef honoree Blaine Wetzel of the Willows Inn, on Lummi Island near Seattle.

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Chef Masa's Tetsu Replacing Shaboo This August at barMASA in Vegas

TeppanyakiPhoto: Janineomg via Flickr

Masa Takayama is taking a bite out of of Benihana by bringing a new teppanyaki project to Las Vegas' Aria Resort & Casino in a restaurant named Tetsu planned to reside in the chef's barMASA this August. The griddle restaurant is a replacement for the chef's shabu-shabu spot, Shaboo, which will shutter after its last service tomorrow. The set-up for Masa's first foray into teppanyaki involves just four blackjack-style tables and two communal grills (one will seat 20, the other 19), for an intimate, personalized eating experience. What can you expect to see sizzling here?

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Who Will Be at Taste of The Eastside, May 6 at Barnsdall Art Park

Griffith ParkPhoto: Taste of the Eastside

Next Sunday, May 6, a thrilling lineup of music makers, chefs, restaurants, and speakers will come together at Los Feliz's Barnsdall Art Park for a five-hour tasting event called "Taste of the Eastside," bringing together samples from eastern-leaning businesses from Echo Park, Highland Park, Atwater Village, East L.A., Silver Lake, and points in between.

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Former Border Grill Chef Scott Linquist Joins Mucho Ultima in Manhattan Beach


Michael Zislis' Mexican restaurant, Mucho Ultima, welcomed a new chef-partner into its kitchen on April 2. Scott Linquist, the former executive chef at Border Grill Santa Monica and New York's Pershing Square and Arizona 206, and the former corporate chef for Dos Caminos, is now cooking at the restaurant and engineering new regional Mexican menus at the Manhattan Beach business. Linquist, who is also the author of Mod Mex: Cooking Vibrant Fiesta Flavors at Home and a former instructor at CSCA, started his rich career with jobs at Lutece and Gotham Bar in New York, Bouelvard in San Francisco, and locally at Citrus and Bistro Garden.

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What to Expect at Alex Reznik's FiOLA, Due Downtown This Summer


Alex Reznik, the Top Chef contestant who once held down Ivan Kane's Cafe Was and later, kosher gourmet experience La Seine, plans to open a concept of his own early this summer on the second floor of Downtown's Luxe City Center Hotel. Called FiOLA (a scramble combining the intersections of Figueroa and Olympic, with L.A.), the Brooklyn-born, Paramus-reared chef is plunking down across from the touristy ticker of L.A. Live!

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Pink's New Brando Hot Dog is Stellaaaaaaaaaar!

From 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. today, Pink's Hot Dogs will debut its newest dog: "The Brando." Named for the great method actor's 88th birthday, the hot dog is a ten-inch, quarter-pound beef wiener with chili, onions, and mustard on top, and unfortunately, no roughshod application of butter to help ease it through your system. During today's two-hour premiere, the La Brea hot dog stand is making you an offer you can't refuse: Dress like Marlon Brando and receive a free hot dog. You could go as the young leather boy from The Wild One, Colonel Kurtz, or the debauched old lecher from Last Tango in Paris; it doesn't matter. However, sending a Native American activist to receive a dog in your place will not do the trick. [KTLA]

‘Mad’ Cow Was Ten Years Old, From Tulare County

A few more details have emerged about the sad old dairy cow that sparked this week's national media panic about mad cow disease. The upshot: It was really old (ten years, to be exact), it was from a dairy in Tulare County, it had been euthanized after becoming lame, and it was headed for a rendering plant and not into the food supply. Also, the type of the disease it had was "atypical," i.e. the kind that develops naturally, on rare occasions in older animals, and not from contaminated feed. [AP, Earlier]

Former Water Grill Chef Allyson Thurber Comes Into Vu

A view of VuPhoto: Vu

In January, we learned that Marina del Rey's Vu had lost is opening chef, Kyle Schutte, and was considering plans to change the restaurant's concept towards more seafood-centric fare and give the space a possible new look. The restaurant denied anything solid was afoot, but let on that its new chef was one we'd probably recognize by name, though they wouldn't tell us who it is. Mystery solved, as we learn that Allyson Thurber, the opening executive chef at Water Grill who later lead The Lobster and did a stint in Philly's Striped Bass, is now leading the team at Vu. The restaurant also teases that exciting news is coming soon, all of which sounds consistent with a transition to a more straight-forward menu showcasing great seafood on the marina. More to come when we learn exactly what Thurber is cooking here.

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