Marijuana Restaurant Opens in Oregon, May Get to Stay

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It's probably just a matter of time before restaurants serving marijuana-infused dishes spread across the increasingly toke-tolerant U.S.: After a joint (heh) called Ganja Gourmet opened in Denver in late 2009, the only question remaining was whether the next big debut would be for those stoners in California or the great ganja fiends of Oregon. While L.A. recently held a series of weed-infused pop-up dinners and Northern California is famous for clandestine marijuana wine, it looks like Ashland, Oregon, is the newest city to claim its very own marijuana restaurant, as Earth Dragon Edibles opened its doors this weekend to serve THC-infused tea, dessert, and Mongolian barbecue to patients with a doctor's medical-marijuana recommendation.

CBS reports that the grand opening went smoothly, though both the city and its police force are just itching to completely smoke the operation out of town, with the city's administrator warning, "They are engaged in an activity that is prohibited by state and federal law and we have sent them a letter that their business license has been denied."

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