Adam Cole Teams Up With ink. Sommelier Sunday for BBQ at Tony's Saloon

Watch your back 'cuz you might get smoked, loc

There's a barbecue going down tomorrow*** in the Arts District. 213 Nightlife's Tony's Saloon in Downtown is welcoming Adam Vourvoulis, the former-Mozza, current-ink. sommelier, and Texan-born, North Carolina-reared Adam Cole from Lindy & Grundy, for a porky pop-up. Cole and Vourvoulis will be preparing a smoked porker from ReRide Ranch, along with their own pickles, slaw, and biscuits, all sold at per-pound plate price and coming in around twelve to twenty dollars. Tony's will be on swerve-duty, pairing beers and hard cider to the food at five to seven bucks a pop, aided by Nitro Dreams, who will make their own ice cream at the event to keep everyone cool. The party starts at 3:00 P.M. at 2017 E. Seventh St. Downtown and goes until the food runs out.

**** Organizers previously told us the event would be on Saturday. Our apologies if this lead to any misunderstandings.