What Awaits at Superba Snack Bar, Opening Soon in Venice

Superba Snack Bar

Superba Snack Bar, the Paul Hibler-helmed Italian on Venice's Rose Avenue that finds Jason Neroni making everything he possibly can from scratch, is yet to announce its opening date. But this morning the restaurant lay wide open, allowing us to take a quick dip despite a few major design elements not yet in place on the patio that takes up a third of the space or any presence of the restaurant's signage. Still, Superba already breathes breeziness, with the entire face of the restaurant sliding open to the courtyard, rimmed with light blue tiles over a gravel floor, reflecting the climes of a swimming pool. Inside the tight space, you'll find a tidy, sleek set-up of straight lines and mixed materials, with an abundance of wood, concrete, and metal, with Neroni's meat slicer balanced before an open kitchen and communal tables standing center.


Superba's PatioTatiana Arbogast

Meanwhile, the nods to Venice culture are thankfully subdued, with Mexican ponchos draped over pool chairs with slatted seats. All the atmospheric elements look to be coming in to place in a scene sure to be as packed as its neighbors, and most likely more so, when Venetians get a taste of the porchetta sandwiches, rye pasta, and bone marrow pizza we savored from Neroni in a sneak peek last month.


Superba Snack BarTatiana Arbogast

Check out a projection of the finished product from Design Bitches, as well as the potential appearance of the follow-up bakery, Superba Food & Bread, through the designers' site. And stay tuned for an opening date.

Superba Snack Bar, 533 Rose Ave. Venice.

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